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Cultural Exchange Trip Program – a Journey of Our children to rediscover their origin

Every year for over 20 years, Omo Yoruba of Southern California has taught the history, culture, and language of Yoruba. We are adding a new dimension to our program starting in 2019. We are taking the youth on a cultural exchange trip to Yorubaland.

“Cultural Exchange Trip Program” a Journey of Our children to rediscover their origin.

Omo Yoruba of Southern California® is hosting its annual Luncheon, in San Diego, California, on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  We will be joined by around 100 guests from all over California. These attendees share in our mission and make an impact in the lives of 16 Young adults who through our “Cultural Exchange Trip Program” want to go in a journey to Africa to rediscover and engage their roots. With the support of partners like you, we will help them to achieve their dreams and get close to their mother land.

Join us on this evening to create the opportunity and celebrate the journey of these young adults who are our future and become a part of the growing legacy of Omo Yoruba of Southern California and its service to the young generation.