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Yoruba Cultural Center

People without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture are like a tree without roots. Omo Yoruba of Southern California is working hard to promote and preserve Yoruba culture. To this end, we organize Cultural Enrichment & Conference every summer to educate our children about their cultural heritage.  We operate Yoruba School for Yoruba and Non-Yoruba youths in Southern California to learn Yoruba language and culture. We also stage yearly end of the year party to promote unity in our community.

Our current effort is to build Yoruba Cultural Center to house all of our programs. The proposed multiplex will be a global center of learning about the history and culture of Yoruba people. It will house a museum, theater, conference/event hall, recreation center, and Yoruba language school.

We are seeking donation from sons & daughters of Yoruba, friends of Yoruba, and businesses to help us make the cultural center a reality. All donors will be recognized and names of major donors will be immortalized on the wall of the multiplex.

To donate toward the project, please click here

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